gevo at the junction

gevo at the junction

FEC101 Dec 30, 2014

101 by mp216 at 5:43 with Big Hertwig's 811, 813 and 434 lhf. Racks up front followed
by IM. Some building materials, like the newer Swift containers with blue & yellow and
several Averrits bringing up the bottom. Looks like meet in FO with 202. Believe 202
picking up. Overcast skies and quite windy. Just wonderful to see trains tonight as have
been with my mother over Xmas and no good time frame for watching.. Happy Rails to one
and all. Caboose busy with Palm Bay Modelers and taking down their exhibition at
Sebastian museum.
Anita caboose

I saw it, Ms. Caboose! Had just carried some items out to the vehicles when I heard it
rumble and grumble across the Roseland Trestle so I trotted out to the front sidewalk
and watched it blast across Main Street just one train length above your spot at the
junction. Too far to read the numerals but the colors were striking in the fading light.

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