gevo at the junction

gevo at the junction

FEC101 Dec 2, 2014

101 by mp216 at 5:47 with 100, 709 & 710 lhf. Tommy and Tony with nice toots and waving white or a light from the cab to my sparklers. Thanks fellas. Short amount of racks up front with IM following, lots of tarps and an Ashley. Meet in Gifford with 202. Rain held off so far.
Anita and Caboose

FEC101 Dec 2, 2014 vid link:

Except it wasn't Tony & Tommy. It was my conductor Jim Bush and Bowden ramp
conductor Mark S. on #101.
 Tony & Tommy weren't rested to work 101 due to going on the law on 202, so they drove
back to Miami. They called Jim back early from vacation and asked if he'd work engineer
since they had no crew available. 
David (ECH)

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